poetry & things

a conversation in my head

Ilion Gray, such a cool name

I love the name Ilion – Ilion Gray

I wonder is it his real name

it looks like it could be, his name

though I’ve never known an Ilion

never read poems by any other Ilion’s

his name fits perfect, his poems, exquisite

and today I see him posted on the front page

a prince of words, a master, a sage

I think he lives in NY, probably downtown

I bet it’s loud, I love the way he writes like that

I wonder what kinds of things he does, in summer

or winter, I know he has a cap, but does he have coat and gloves

I wonder how many times, he fell drunk in love

he probably reads poetry on a stage, a pastiche word parade

a lyrical brigade, loaded and fired, finishing with a bow

yeah, I bet Ilion is writing a killer poem right now

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