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Tito was a hypnotist

Your eyes cataracts – fogged over, with a hint of blue

Still you saw more than most anyone I’ve known

I thought you a sorcerer, a mystic man

with lightening speeds you spun tales in thunder clapping rooms

A modern day chief, good will ambassador of Hope

you were the glue of an entire village,

sticking your heart on everyone like that

The Discovery Cafe, your story telling room, disguised as a restaurant,

a place you opened years ago

Many came hungry only for your stories

One could not easily eat and run or have a cup of joe and go, just not possible

when Tito had the floor

Tales of fishing, gold panning, black and brown bears, one with his head stuck in a lard bucket,

or the one that chased some lady up a tree.

The way your hands moved, while you went into a trance was a sight to behold

Though you never confessed it, I’m pretty sure you were a hypnotist

How many times I went for coffee at 9AM never leaving til’ noon,

completely bowled over, sucked in by the fantastic rip tide of you!

I saw you just months before you passed

Though you had gone deaf and blind, your love was ever present, it’s been felt everyday since,

in a world that has changed a darker shade of blue,

Tito how can I ever thank you?

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