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Uganik Bay

In Uganik Bay that year the sun never set

I walked the long greening path to the dock

fireweed taller than I shooting summer’s sky

Warmth of sun bringing lazy lily’s leaning

Little waves splashed breaking cerulean blue

I waited the mail plane, pontooned it flew

Lulling oceans smooth you landed

with eyes that sailed me far-off island stranded

next to you

Float plane to carry us edging mountains, snowy, jagged

Dall sheep, perched asleep precariously rocky hung

Kodiak bears forded rivers we circled streaming on

Deep black kettle ponds no man to touch

snowy patches amid viridian lush

frozen, not to melt

our treasured days of flying

We met again at Hatcher’s pass

with hearts to break as fragile glass

a part of love undying

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