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In the woods a weeping bird

All the blue of day slipped quietly away

the drowsy lake waved the sun to sleep

with glints of gold and blue in steely colors.

At the closing of day 

the blackened pines faded away

a lone call was faintly heard

a sadness, the weeping of a bird.

Bird in the clouds

How you flew, newly feathered

a fledgling falling from the sky

but upwinds sailed you far and high

carried you, strong through clouds

winged and wild your arms

fingers running through

the updrafts of cold,

cooling, warm.

Birds of Spring

It was soft, a purple shade

lavender, lilac made

of flowers warm, we breathed

deep the inhale, swirling round

sweet the exhale, falling to the ground

reaching deep in soul

the sink, the swallow

birds of spring

songs to fill

the hollows.

Birds will rise

time, it never lingers

winds are always blowing

oceans, waves for life to swim

watch birds rise, from restless seas

with wings, your heart will soar

through clouds of light

birds will show the way

Birds and tears

Ancient oaks so swiftly you fell

no silence wherein cruel, unthinking men dwell

your echoing woods now lay upon the ground

with birds and tears, the ripping down

now where shall they go to shelter

safe from the storm?

Cold the world of choking cities we build

barren and stripped, the land we conquer, kill

dark this greed of men I deplore

and where shall we go to shelter

safe from the storm?

Birds and stars

Beyond the oak and silver hills the day nestled in

soft breeze about the land, lily white moon

to light a sky of sparkling starry flowers

Whispers woke the sleeping one

and spoke the night to follow

Owl flew ever high

beneath a Perseid’s shower

A dream – you awoke

to watch shooting stars fall quiet

passed your window

til morning came with birds and stars

peace upon your pillow

Birds embroidered flew

Pillow, soft nest of dreams, she sleeps

wings – birds embroidered flew

across lakes – blue water drops,

swell of seas break – calling

swans home, willowy winds sigh

whispers, feathers fly

windows of light, branches delight her walls

dancing before

the fiery fall

Bird man (haiku)

He, a bird hunting

Prey reigns, winged catching a kill

Eyes to pierce the night

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