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Ethereal flower

Love silent, falls

it touches soft, invisibly floats

unseen by the scope of eyes

comes brushing by, or comes in a down pouring,

wet washing the soul, unwavering, wordless it unfolds

travels most rugged terrain, smooths the way

there is no season for its efflorescence

it sits, a silent bud, any moment to flower

always we know it’s fragrance

it is the way, the path

a flitting, ethereal flower

one, that we can never grasp

Desert purification

Sonoran desert

sacred hot breathed

scorch of footsteps, blood red sands

sun bleached, grey boned skulls

this wash, a hallowed holy ghost

unnerving place, this hiss of fire

molten and slow

hot as fever, red prickling sweat

the Yaqui man you’ve met

undulating in a purification ceremony

lashing, the energy cords cut

he is laughing like coyote, wild eyed

green the velvet, desert peyote

and you have come to understand

the universe in a fleck of sand

Colors of day

Gathering colors of day

sea of green viridian, washing storms of grey

seagulls cry in shades colored blue

how mad the ocean’s raving tune

it sweeps away the end of day, a hopeful sun

to paint the sky of blackness

paleness of moon

rises, fades

beyond the sway

of silvery shades

night shimmers its way

into red and blue

where fiery clouds ignite

the day once more anew.

Beyond the deep end

I tried water

wading, floating, drowning

the pooling and spilling of years

immersed myself holy,

deeply to find the fear

dark in the deep end

the coming home to soul

the pain of it all

unknowingly I’d slept

heart wrecked

frozen in fear

unwilling to look

until there was

no other choice

until one day discovering

hidden truths beyond

my darkest void

Your kiss

My heart of sleeplessness

awakens me foolish

moonless from my rest

ache of cells and blood

a torrent, a flood

a rushing river

reaching for your hand

your reddened lips

soft a place to land

Troubled sky (haiku)

The moon has fallen

tonight a plum blackened sky

dark, this starless void

Summer of fire

Thirsty, a parched pale yellow

this milkweed, dandelion field

dried silky seeds blowing wild

hot cracking leaves

lightening trees afire

forests and burning meadows

with eyes that sting

I can but see, spectrally

the smokey sun

breathe a deathly air

that chokes the lungs

creatures gasp and run

in moments ever dire

they flee frightfully

amid falling trees

of fire


Walking the dirt path, down around

the gold brown hills that spill into the orchard

apples baked in the oven, sun of summer

and in September they are done

red, we dressed with honey cinnamon

the air was bliss, the trees, the ancient harvest

with baskets full, the way our hearts overflowed

this was a place we called heaven, but now you are in the trees

in the sweeping fields of turquoise seas, in the stars that never cease

here, where you once imagined and could only dream to remain as ever


A thirsty desert dweller

my lips parched and cracked

from lack of rain

I wait for hours

days for love

to reign


Oh when I was north, cold

and white as snow geese

blue on water ice, I’d fly

glide on frozen ponds

cry with snowflake eyes

sigh of winter’s long goodbye

Night lilies 2

Tonight in this garden

a million flowers loom

clouds of gypsophila bloom

at my window and beyond

with fragrant vines, they crawl

saturate, scented paper walls

these night lilies, only a dalliance

that blooms and fades

your hands soft upon my legs

we are drunk from dulcet wine

sung from the whisper of moon that dips

caress of your reddened lips

as we travel in a world

lilting softly slow

Love and death

I am in the fire, my love

I cannot tarry, cannot extinguish

nor distinguish right from wrong

sometimes places I don’t belong

I am desolate in a desert, resurrected, burned

deep in fields of sage

a breath of fiery blaze

the pull and push away

I lay in a bed of ashes

feel this rebirth

watch another death

blow away.

Into the forest

Sink deep your feet

the moss and muddy floor

grey with rain

the weeping moss

hanging in the trees

ravens cry, calling thee

into the starless void

of moonless canopy

a hidden place

wherein the soul illuminates

a cynosure of deeper truths

a dark that lights the way

In wild fields

This house, it does not speak of me

I am unknown to these adobe walls

these cool clay floors

I press my feet against

wanderlust, I dance

desert nights alone, I roam

these sands to drink of moon

thirst for stars to call me home

I travel endless nights

painted blue with black

wait for sunlight

to warm my room

once more to lay

in wild fields

with you

In the deep water

Deep, a hundred fathoms or more

beneath froth and foam

azure seas fade into

blackest indigo

Flashing flecks, of minnows

in the deep waters, a shoal

a swimming wave that sways

in fields of orange coral

In the depths of cold

a glowing, ghostly art

a million silver stars

shimmer with light

flash amid water’s black sky


If I could see you shining

clear in mirrored waters

if you’d come to rest

in green fields

of peace

sweetly sleep

breathe in sync

with me

I will look for you

When I wait for northern lights, the sky void of moon

and too the sun has gone, a silence of blue green light comes

like colored ghosts of whirling skies, it flies

and I no longer think of stars

I can only dream to fly, to shine

magenta in magnetic fields

But tonight it is you

that burns across, beyond the heavens

dazzling brilliantly, now beyond this earthly plane

to join a symphony of seas and stars out there, unknown

gathering in the ethers of forever

Last night I dreamed of you

smiling, as you laid

in green fields laughing

and tonight I will see you

in the northern lights


How black water breathes

Nights, we take the boat out

paddle our way, green through water

swum by inlet waves, full moon apace

shadowy, ancient tribal faced

lose all trace of the shore, black

but for phosphorescence

glowing, trailing from the oars

a haunting, ghostly art

green and breathing, disappearing

back into darkness, swallowed

by black water, by night

strange this death,

the rebirth and breath

felt in each and every moment

Dragoon road

When I drive that road

past sun bleached stones

of minerals and bones

take the turn off at Dragoon

fly past cattle guards and farms

the road that leads

to your house

my view askew

a parallax

I rue


the cold


of you

Desert cemetery

It was desolate, with a winter cold

we drove the cemetery road

miles past sage brush and cactus

Saw signs pointing toward a ghost town

we turned onto a gravel road

leading to the desert cemetery

an abandoned place, mostly unknown

Many headstones old and eerie

cowboys and ranchers plenty

hazards of the pioneer west

babies, children of homesteaders

laid too young to rest

Hand fashioned crosses

still stood, marking graves

without a word

I thought how

each of us one day

will be forever unknown

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