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Thanksgiving (haiku)

To the trees, to sun

to birds and the ways of love

to breath – I thank you


Looking to the skies, sifting stars and lies – you dream,

someone waiting at the gate, watching very late the night

Talking to trees, swirling circles breeze, windy autumn

leaves you to fall, sailing golden ships

red and yellow slips, arduous trips will take you

Whispers shake the soul, only you will know

drums of heartbeats

that awake you

Grey woods

Grey woods, morning mist

hangs upon the trees, leaves decay, sway

falling to the ground

Quiet – this world, but the sound of rain

washing wet the berry vines, droplets

falling to the ground

Sparrows flit among sheltered branches,

nest’s to repair, twine and twigs

falling to the ground


Someone will be there, suddenly so near – your heart

listen to the wind, music sweet to spin, days together, apart and alone

still you have to go, leaving will be slow

agony awaits, your days will break

days will break – you


Barren wind

It came hollow as carved bone and cold

strange as moon glow shrouded in mists of fog

it blew breathless, deep as darkest space, unnamed

with towering waves, it came

crashing silent upon the earth and sea

Sun stars melted.

Who will light candles for them?

For whales, seals and the

fallen humans?

in response to Fukushima and the ongoing nuclear assault occurring on earth 🙁

and still they want more, total insanity.

Arctic valley

So long summer river

bright snowflakes have fallen

leaving you silent where darkness deepens

grey winds rush

and cannot move you along

so dream of Spring’s flowering songs

in cold nights of crystalline

when quiet winter snow

falls still upon

the meadow

The human field

And so they came to grow and grow, some flourished wild – under days of golden suns,

some never planted, only blew lonely across the fields of splitting winds

til a drifting life can no longer hold the certain breath of death

swallowed once again by the welcoming earth

a wildfire ignites, burning only for rebirth

life springs anew born of ash and fire.


Stone cold, the blackening sky, stole our field of flowers,

soon seeds of dandelions washed away

in watercolor charcoal skies

gone grey.


all the brightest colors

a mourning



Through wooded fog

fades the day, abandoned to the grey,

lost road, lost home – belonging to no one

Pictures found upon a mantle, dust and charcoal,

photos framed in rusty metal,

sepia shadows, a broken mirror

Collections of rocks and bones,

letters and sealing wax,

china cups, stained and cracked

Musty pages of paperbacks,

remnants of a life long ago.

Memories, pressed flowers of fading bells,

little relics, loved

so well

Not too pretty (haiku)

Lies, sins, pretty grins

a face to dance you away

spins your days so grey

Deeper wood

Vine maples branch,

dappled paths lit green

Forest fronds reach for skies unseen

In deeper wood comes black of day

red cedar’s fallen to decay

Oxalis spring – softly flowered white

sway and lean into the light

Wild berries burst, upon a mossy floor

drinking sweet, red wine poured

mouse and bird drunk with delight

cozy sleep their woodland night


Pale white or maybe slightly gray, blue

looking through – little holes, grains of sand, blowing through

tossed about this stormy day, ocean spray

you can’t hold, lapping waves.

One day whispers will caress

your ears, salt and tears

You may break or drift, you can never tell

storms of love, pearls

and shells.

In a dream

In a dream, somewhere in other countries, never mapped

a man was speaking, though I did not understand, there was never any plan

and I listened to the wind and rain upon the trees.

With no church bells to ring, and birds were the chorus

I came upon a silent steeple in the forest, standing on it’s own,

became a wild bird’s home, wrapped in thorny vines

a crown to stain, with berries, bled upon my hands.

Mary was there too, she was looking through

a broken window pane, calling out my name

and too, all the forest called, bathing me in love.

Then with the birds I flew, heavenly into

a deeper dream, til I awoke at dawn,

to fragrant flowers on the lawn

remembering such heaven.

Fly from darkness

The bridge, well worn, with slipping wood, crossing over

with secrets hidden, nearly fully under,

rainy days so long.

Her head – a flutter of lily moths, emerging, searching for air,

from a stifling room she fled, dark the forest bled

whispers, wings of white clouds through trees

swirl, drifting amidst dancing fields

on this day, learning

to be free.

Chaparral (haiku)

Sweet desert fragrance

perfume lingers in my mind

long after the rain

Autumn dawn

In the Autumn woods of dreaming,

leaving night’s forest, in search of coming dawn

amidst a meadow clearing, insects glistened

swooping birds flew swift

without a sound

made softest petals, swirl in circles

to the ground


I was falling, deep in love

with Autumn

sparkling radiantly

so crisp the dawn

At the day’s end

Windows never see me, looking through

stairways never lead me to

all the places outside

at the day’s end

looking in

Blue day of sun rays will shine

stars beam, yellow moon streams

make drowsy eyes dream


glide through fragrant cedar trees

starlit, past the silence

to a place of dream

a wave

There was a road, way back there and a wave so high

it rolled over, washing over me.

Time has a way of moving, looking back to see,

your hands waving back at me.

In the middle of the road, that day

when leaves were falling

over you, over me.

Now sun hits the morning, only to run away

clouds and the trees so windy, all the day

til the moon rises over, like a wave

shining over you,

over me


I could no longer see the sky, stars all blackly veiled, senses numbed

in the gathering storm, a smokey room void of living breath

choked the night air, gasping

consternation of a dark wilderness

a sad vanishing note, played


Trappings of time

It’s like an Arctic wind, a bitter cold hovering

piercing, icy lunged we breathe the hollows in

A dense fog surrounding time, trapping

moments like hours, waiting the days like years

spilling over one another, waiting like a flower

to open in the sun.

Swallowed by time

I came to know that all is borrowed,

even time

One day I bought a property, thinking it mine

as if I could somehow claim it – that which is truly wild,

perhaps appears temporarily tamed

shall one day be reclaimed,

swallowed by time

no memory,

no name


Winds cannot whittle away this morning, blowing through my waking window

sweet, they only sing me from sleep and bring to me, birds I’ve heard in other dreamy dawns.

Joyful, thinking of friends to meet, along the streets or on soft summer lawns,

watching – like a magic trick, waiting for surprise,

now orange, pink, red upon my bed,

a world of dazzling skies!

Scented skies

She said it was wisteria, florets draped

framing her windows

vines climbed overreaching the rooftop

swallows flew by, just before night skies

twilight flashed orange, pink in lavender blues

fading into black

a vision soon of sparkling

starry moon

jasmine flowers to float upon

evening’s scented pond

Path of violets

In sunshine or in shadow how rich the loamy soil

light of earth, dream of rebirth greening

lilac buds and bluebells ring

magenta hills, aubretia spring

of burning fire

A mossy path of violets, soft my feet to wander

muscari blue the garden dew

birds to drink of leafy puddles

bluest skies go grey, drifts so swift a rain cloud by

to water quick the daffodil, silk umbrellas yellow

and comes alas the greening grass

robins hopping, weaving

Spring unfurls in flowery births

tiny violets upon the earth


She was speaking

butterflies floated from her lips

fragile wings

caressed your mind

together, entwined

you flew

fragrant petals were her pillow

a scented garden filled your room

you were dreaming,

roses soft, laid

upon your bed

a morning of golden sun

compassion, salvation

of sacred dawn

they were barren

void of masks

becoming utterly



There are moments, sacred places

where the heart dwells beyond words, no language

only silence, brilliance of clarity shines through the vastness of time

connection to the divine, so soon the mind

will flicker and change, thoughts blow away

nothing will remain

Crow medicine

Dark, brooding storm swirling overhead

clouds, charcoal black looming

dagger piercing eyes in greyest skies

feathers fly in pelting rains

be not afraid, ’tis but

a losing game

Crippled mind

Twisted, sharp the words pierced, echoing in strange rooms

looking for escape or transformation, and flew from death’s lips,

cruel shifting sounds cutting steel traps and cages,

still a wingless bird cannot fly in mad fits and rages,

sits alone devising plans for freedom and does not see,

all the bluest skies lie deep within him

Coastal town

Cool winds circling round, deep emerald ocean pond,

in dancing waves you play salty summer songs

of weathered boats and rustic harbor homes.

Seagulls perched about the lawns, some on rooftops peering down

flower baskets overfilled, spilling mad their colors on the ground.

A vacant nest amid the vines so twisty, Springtime birds have all flown

leaving remnant feathers of shell and bone.

Seaweed floats, it clings, wrapped to posts and rings

ocean otters sleeping sound at bay

in a sky of blue, changing hues

soon drifts away the day.

The deeper dream

I could only see with dreaming eyes a place so vast within

impossible waters to cross, if only to fly to other side

blue water to turn to ice, and full of joy

I could go skating by, twirling to the sky

when all the meadow flowers would fully bloom

and turn to starry showers

of petals raining

in my room

Summer willows

Oh green I sing, of wings and birds across blue morning sky

with summer sounds, willows round the floating pond

dipping gently by.

Warm winds play music soft

through leaves and reeds, they sing

gathering in the transient breeze.

Under leafy trees of sunlight and shadows

all the day I rest my head

breathe sweet the flowering fields

never shall I leave this place

nor want for any sweeter heaven.

Summer storm

The hills tumbling, daisy stemmed, a floating sea of wild flowers,

white petaled, beaches and waves in rolling summer meadows.

Clouds come, caressing long summer grasses,

blowing sweetly fields, scented warm

before the rain

Thistle crowned flowers cracked, a tiny finch, splitting seeds

swift before the storm, soon flies afar to leafy trees

awaits again the golden summer

of the sun

Summer (reflection on days)

Over the rooftops, windows and treetops – came sun

summer magenta, morning of skies will come.

Singing in silvery shadows, hummingbird drinking in penstemons

a day dappled in sun and sun, til evening late in brightest moon to light this earthly dome.

All the yesterdays sailing on, beyond the dark and stars.

How fast and far to roam, all the days

that come and come.

Ode to 50,000 Bees killed in Oregon

Today all the linden trees shrouded in black, no flowers only death, so quiet crept

killing summer bees, that can no longer sing – of honey flowers afield

death crying at the door, their silence praying to be heard

and still unthinking man poisons our fragile world

Northern summer

Pillow, soft nest of dreams, she slept upon

gorgeous birds embroidered flew

across lakes, blue water fields

swells of seas break, calling swans home

willowy winds sigh, whispers, feathers fly

willow tree shadows alight her slumbering walls

as northern summer fades to Fall

this is an older poem. revised

Early in the morning

So early in the morning, bluest skies of birdsong

they sang like laughter, singing for summer, the dawn

flying to heaven, making their way toward home

Awakened from dreaming, wings unfolding, reach out for love

early in the morning with the sun.

Waiting, gazing into a silent green lily pond

no words, no secrets, only seeking reflection deep within

early in the morning with the sun.


Days were like honey, even sweeter than golden suns

you were laughing in rainbows – colorfully ever undone

dancing in meadows, and mornings

to bloom again

Your eyes of silver spun light, did shine

flashes of soul, glowing pieces of amber nights

Voices of angels sang you to sleep in peace

Remembering all the places you’ve ever felt love

with letters in boxes you’ve looked upon

Days are just pages, they burn into ashes that blow in the wind

all of these days, where do they

begin and end?


I cannot remember, only I can feel the empty chill of steel

sometimes, colored ghosts of autumn whisper in the shadows

that I follow, to take me far from home

Today with sun or clouds and all the bluest skies

a truth revealed, and I awakened to a madness of lakes and rivers,

spilling over – to flood, a place


So swift the night will come, soon to leave this home

darkness winds a long road on

and still the sun will come


From the high cliffs a rugged landscape swept, dropping to the sea

windy clouds, gray rain soaking tiny flowers, waiting for the sun

smokey town so far off, walking farther on

A weathered, rocky place high above this world, climbs a path to stars

with twinkling eyes of sky, where night collides with sea

a traveler, seeking refuge from the shallows

rests her head, soft upon a grassy pillow

A warm wind to caress, sails away the day

drifts quietly her dreams – slipping underwater

where seaweed clings, to pearly rings of sleepy siren’s bells

in echoing shells no darkness dwells

in the heart of forgiveness

The sparkling woods (children’s)

When after stars burn out, with glowing dust falling far to earth

colored sparks and charges mingle in the trees

forest faeries come to gather tiny stars

from green summer leaves

With jars of light, they taking flight

little lanterns flitting through the woods

sprinkling starry heavens

Before the dawn they’ve

traveled long, blanketing the forest

now hide from sight they must

their wooded world born anew

sparkling with stardust

The hills at Eagle river

In summer, a valley so green, thick in veridian

a pond looking on, sits atop the world – waiting for no one

The sun through an open window, so soon to be gone

hills above, some days ago

covered in whitest snow

Summer oaks

A stand of oaks, ringing round in summer leaves of grassy greens

twisty branches quivering light in wind’s of dusky breeze

Beyond this sky of crimson day, far awaits a starry field to bloom

and melts the sun into black

swift before the moon

Sailing in dreams

Sailing on the star streams reaching past the trees

looking for reflection in moons of lily seas

Crossing wild oceans of tumbling rocky waves

that toss me in the air, with no direction leading, spinning me away

Til in a dream I find you, last night so calm the water, smoothed my fever

lovely kisses rang, fragrant music ever sweetly sang

Until I wake to find, morning brings a crashing wave

you’ve sailed, swiftly fading from a silken dream

Notes on Nature

It was a lilac day, a dream of scented heaven

what world sings of this blue, green summer?

Early morning raindrops splash giant maples,

droplets of sun, above far hills

alighting flowering fields, with flashing wings

of tiny sparrows

Cormorant swoops, the falling sky, far beyond

clouds of pink edge the bluest sky

silvery fish, below in cooling waves

blue herons stalk long where

seaweed sways

Sunlight poured, warming mossy woods

tallest trees breathing steam – spectrally

lichen blooms, tiny flowers in the sun

before the dawn of washing rain

a silent ancient forest

Her gallery

Paintings, closets buried deep – she cannot escape

rustic paint peels from long forgotten faces

in faded works, her tears of tattered pages

that silent sleep, with wings they weep

and long to fly, far from

lonesome cages

Daydream of this day

When the music of summer dawns

with silent songs, drinking in blue water’s calm,

far is a place where northern geese have flown.

Here flowers and shooting stars twinkle heavenly upon the lawn,

we lay in daydreams deep, sinking into the sweet

of being so far gone

When the sun sinks low

After some desolate years, a strange reign came

and played your voice of cello tones deeply wild

a resonance, I drank – my soul to follow

when my feet could no longer walk

fast my heartbeat swallowed

songs of you, haunted


With chords that played silvery golds

in silken threads we wove

dreams and days of sun

that followed

Now sinks the sun dark below

and finds a place, a home

built for no one


Moon winds pretend to know me

clouds steal the sky away

never knowing my name

Remove the veil

what game

night stars


The ways of love

To get lost

when all the earth goes black, sinking into silence

stars tumble into darkest seas, hidden from love’s moon

that cannot shine alone

many the deserts of dust covered roads

with wind to blow a path

toward home

rains will come in washing waves

gathering lonely lovers

dreams of love, pouring down

in heavenly


Tears and stars

The sun sprung from blackest clouds

tears and stars were raining, little meteors

red before the dawn

I seek to sing asleep

troubles, phantoms deep

my sleepy ghosts still awake

have stayed much too late


Rain you came splashing all the morning

awakened, still dreamy on my pillow

you wash my days away

with peace you came

after the storm, listening for birds

silence in this world

Little ships

Soon came horizontal rain, leaving green music

willowy fingers played the Spring, white explosion

dogwoods on the lawn, to sail salt rivers of ocean

blossomy boats, float puddles

petals returning home

Gradient love

Sudden rush, so windy

a golden bird is flying

wings unfold, you want to hold

some kind of love undying

soon lands your head

in flowery clouds

and disappears

some sorrow

in skies of sun

layers of love

bled into




In your tiny room, of paper flowered blue

with stains – brown rains the wall

a picture of light shining, eyes golden through

watched over, long nights – of dreams and moon

a restless ghost will follow

leave you deeply hollow

in your home

Morning ferns, no words to speak aloud

no language, only fragrant mossy earth

Oxalis a blanket, the hour blooms white

with lilies of perfection

dreams linger real

and never forget

Full and hollow

For me it is full and hollow, rings of tree

seas of dream, waves awash my sleepy meadow

skies will sing, nights will go

music, deepest dark of cello

and when will come – the sun?

I wait, the day that it will shine

once again for me

Desert – New Mexico

Soon the desolate sun peeked above table mesa road

mourning dove awoke the speechless, still nomadic dawn

skies went blue in all directions – cloudless

lizards, little flashes emerged from earth in green iridescence

horned beetles crawled in blue shimmering suns

orange petal monarch wings to warm

with tiny birds to flit before

red desert dawn

Cold desert (10w)

Why must our love, a desert be?

– Kisses a mirage

Child’s fire

Then I think when I was young, I didn’t stop to ponder

only went to gather – days of sun and flowers

little feet to storm the street of puddles

splashing ever homeward, popsicles

my tiny toes, to warm again

my love like a fire

Cherry tree

I was a cherry tree – I dreamed

with evening birds, their words, singing home to me

The light of moon did come, and cool the sun went sleeping

trees and blades of grass, so green the Spring

void of willows weeping

Beyond the hills, fragrance fills

night’s sultry air

awakes me

Birds and tears

Ancient oaks so swiftly you fell

no silence wherein cruel, unthinking men dwell

your echoing woods now lay upon the ground

with birds and tears, the ripping down

now where shall they go to shelter

safe from the storm?

Cold the world of choking cities we build

barren and stripped, the land we conquer, kill

dark this greed of men I deplore

and where shall we go to shelter

safe from the storm?

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