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Desert – New Mexico

Soon the desolate sun peeked above table mesa road

mourning dove awoke the speechless, still nomadic dawn

skies went blue in all directions – cloudless

lizards, little flashes emerged from earth in green iridescence

horned beetles crawled in blue shimmering suns

orange petal monarch wings to warm

with tiny birds to flit before

red desert dawn

Cold desert (10w)

Why must our love, a desert be?

– Kisses a mirage

Child’s fire

Then, I think when I was young I didn’t stop to ponder

I only gathered days of sun and flowers

little feet to stomp the street puddles

splashing me homeward or popsicles

my tiny toes, to warm again

my love like a fire.

Villa Park

Thinking back there was that time,

days when the sun shined – just for you

You took the long way

and peddled through the puddles

Green road – a tunnel of maples, undercover

letting go, no hands

Youth’s fearless reign

of summer

She slept in Summer

Sleeping among fiery fields of summer, senses undone

colors walk among, her lucid dreaming,

red skies of watercolor suns

Trees, unfurl leaves of dreams

that rustle and awake you,

no windows, only a meadow amidst

shadows of kings, the hills

rise beneath blue mountains

sweeping to the sea

Raven clan

Lush cow parsnip lined the disappearing path

rain came, with cooling mists kissing lupine flowers

A sacred land the path’s end – ruins of Haida totems

born of ocean, emerging man

of shells and sand

earth and air

clan of the


Moon tide

When at night green seas touch the moon

pulling toward the shore, shiny creatures crawl the sands

in shells of watery homes, soon to drift away

swaying seaweed clings to metal rings of wooden boats and oars

Moon tides, ever pushing, pulling

transient sandy shores, and sings the light to follow

worlds emerge from dark of night, water filling up

the hollows

Moon of wind and flowers

The warmth of day lingered on, shadows played a sweeping sun

grassy swallows swooped, grey dusky light

colors of day, drank away the meadow

in skies of yellow, blue

Wind of wild roses, a thicket swirled sweet the night

flower petaled breezes swept the air

in fragrant fields of dream,

beneath the moon

Mantra song

I walked the wooded path, remembering

sunlight flitted about the trees of early spring

I could taste the smokey woods, steaming in the sun

a fragrant dawn, a lily fawn hidden by the flowers

still as winter’s pond

When little was left of looping thoughts and troubles

silence was a river bright and swift, floating as a feather

and I could not remember, but a song playing

softly over

“go out in the morning now,

a crown of maple leaves, a crown of flowers

circling your sweet head”

a mantra

pulled me in – forever

and there, I lived on

(Quote taken from the Innocence mission song)

Last light (haiku)

amber jeweled room

mountain mist of curtain lifts

sunlight drinks the day

If love be a fire unfolding

Cool moss of spring so live in verdant green,

with cherry flowers – petals falling

our footsteps pressing in

dissolve the snowy lands

in the heart of sun

love, born of fire


The greening path

Stepping stones

wet twigs mossy overgrown

footfalls, rain washing the greening path home

grassy droplets, little trickles running

puddles fill the pothole road

clouds break, parting dusk of day

tiny violets sunning

Sweet the air

Tiny flowers, songs in violet shades played, ringing round oaks

spilling on the mossy lawn

Songs of birds swirled sweet the air

and flew the cold of winter’s caging, gone the snowdrops melting

Sunny – yellow willow, ever graceful

flowing breezy, leafy vines

sing soft of life, sweet the air

of your budding time

Tomorrow’s path of hyacinth will bloom

to light the days, sweeping fragrantly all the hours of moon

tulips of apeldoorn bursting red, in a field of Spring, how sweet the air

soon far off in scented hills of green

Nature speak

Now soon the hills and days go green in flowering fields

sweet will sing, black red wings amidst the grassy reeds

silent lily pond no more to keep winter’s secrets in

lotus blossom opens your eyes

the center, your heart



Hawk hunting in the grey, last light

sliced the evening air

talons locking swift

two birds falling

black of night,

breathes death

to rise – calling

ever endless as



Blue lake of iridescent dawn

soft foggy swan, silent watery sun

mourning breeze of graceful wings

soon flies the fog and too the bonny swan

to see below with clarity

gray smokey bank


Walk close the seasons

Walk close the seasons, near the heart

summer fields, grasses green – tall to hide behind, the coming winter

only laugh as dancing maples change, piled high – leaves on fire

Winds of gray waves fill the air

children skate

frozen ponds give way

to spring – the ice

to trickle

Truffle-O’s! (excerpt from children’s story)

A merry forest pig was he

he woke up very early and hunted until three

snorting, sniffing, the air he’s whiffing

never is he ruffled, only focused on his truffles

He goes rump rumping

grunt, grunting for truffle-O’s!

Wild he runs and trots the greeny forest

with a jolly jig he wriggles and digs

his cloven hooves moving dirt like lightening

hunt, hunting for truffle-O’s!

When at last he finds his gourmet morsels

a squeal is heard and fly the birds

clear from the forest, a happy hog

a squealing song of treasures found, his beloved


Salt rain

Ocean – lilting azure waves

sway of moon, clouds to hide before the tide

night touching blue – the earth and sky

caressing light – the darkest sea

only a moment

only salt rain

Ode to Hawaii

Tears – blue water waves rolling in

rain falling sweeping cross my face

winds of palms waving

I fly away

Night and summer

It came soft the dusk across your face,

glowing rosy pink

A setting sea that drank the day

with silence wildly

Your eyes became the outer lands

and sang the night of summer

Soft as sand a bed of grassy meadow

our hearts to bloom fragrantly

open as a flower

My home has no walls

My home has no walls

My home has no walls to look upon

no roof to stave off wild beasts or tame the restless seas

no window glass, so clear my days to gaze

A soul to dwell in mystery

so soon my days to fly away

yet stand the oaks of long ago

watching children play

Morning wore a robe of clouded sun

rain washed the day away, til broke the sun again

hidden in a thicket brush sang a tiny bird

sweet songs to light the darkness

from this world

Mr. Brascia (haiku)

He had many cars

and slept sad each night alone

he drove love away

Lost Barrio

Polished stone, bare boned- rafters loomed above

silent owls swooped, black before the dawn

red wood carved with sorrow’s blood

masks to hide behind – some never found

So swift to pass upon the earth

ashes, silence underground

Diego painted the Santa Catalina’s

mountains now hung upon a wall

have found him glorious

in the lost barrio

Kilauea reign (haiku)

Black fields – burning sun

fiery cauldron stirring

lava soaking earth

Honu sea (haiku)

Viridian green

undersea sentient being

turtle touching me

Born of green

Today the sun was not found

only rain amid the meadows

Thistle grew, poking through

clouds – til black of nightfall

Dark wingless bird, shadow of stillness

quiet as stars, so long ago forgiveness

and will it come, soon the dawn,

a day to breathe deeply lunged

or fly away my days born of green

ancient as a forest?


Wind shadows blow swift

cool smokey air lifts

clouds of dream, adrift

that come and go

Iridescent wings, sing

crows of summer

a murder in winter,

a frozen mirror,

melting in


Emerging greens, soiled leaves

grow skyward

to the sun

Blossomy buds have sprung

with fallen petals on the ground

fading into earth

changing forms

that can’t be


The wild unknown

Fast her wild days ran tall as forest foxglove,

long the happy sun of wing full prayers and beating drums

grassy knees ripening green on summer’s lawn

honeycombed hideouts of laughing stings and bees

running long through wild meadows

pale of butter’s milky cream

a child’s face soft as flower petals

so quick to bud into full bloom

blushing in her rosy days

a swan soon flies to the wild unknown

there where an hourglass looks on

Some birds

Music came singing to the sky

It seemed none could sing or fly so high

maybe some birds

like children’s laughter

a forgotten eternal spring,

a happiness

that comes and goes

forever calling

one home

As if out from a tunnel

the first light deafens silence

wings unfold the soul – whispering

Plain truth in words unspoken

so precious the moments

of being unbroken

So soon the rains come

wet, washing

another path



Laughter like tears echoed

streaming down through canyons

her soul to look upon

rivers, mirrors

wings to fly


Mother’s garden

Her hands bloomed with fragrant caress

soft as summer grass and petals

she touched the world

With gardens and tulips trumpeting songs

in reddish hues, amidst magenta

peony blooms

Apples and roses her face of flowers

ripe in autumn meadows, she held her children close

gathered ever near her love

before the winter’s


Morning moon

I stood long under stars and trees

clouds transiently swift in winter’s eve

memories of yesterday’s child, a year to play

a dream, a pond to skate away

Now wintery thoughts are aglow

cool drifts the night through open windows

Owls haunt with delight

they seek to prey,

quick before the light

of sleepy days

I slept and fell deep the well

my soul drinking freely

bathed in sweetest darkness

depth of sorrow wakes me soon

my joy alights this

morning moon

Lost at the Sea

Watery suns flood

spilling over

ponds ripple

caressing shores

sands blow over

footprints walking

on water, birds

hover over

smiling back

at me

Like some birds

When white wings, feathery scatter

silent as snowflakes gather

resting on rooftops,

in death, does a soul linger,

does it fly in the vastness

of forever?

Like some birds in clouds

we’ve never seen, though

felt in rain, or wilds.

Swift a rush that chills

and floods the heart unknown,

a gift of truth reveals

that which eyes cannot look upon,

and only hearts

can feel.

with the recent passing of my Father, it’s good to know his presence is felt, at times in unexplainable ways, but also he has appeared in my dreams 3 or 4 times since he passed, with two of the dreams being deeply spiritual and profound to me.

Grey Pond

Grey pond so still

amid the smokey layers

winter’s foggy trees concealed

geese slowing in the depths unknown

so scarce a sheltering home

cruel winds of driving cold

too late the sun, void

of summer’s gold

Gathering shells

Brittle the dust flew winding it’s way through the hollows

seagulls winging songs for love

Fog horns deep the darkening storm rolls on

splattering waves of day begin

Pebbles running down hill

gathering shells, my cup to fill

hurry home my frozen toes

thawing by the fire

counting shells

and embers

Fern 1

fiddlehead fern rooted in earth

warmth of sunshine gives birth to your unfurling

green forest smiles as you reach toward stars

you are smiling like moonlight

shining back through trees

Winter field

White the summer fields now covered in snow

lone fence, disappears long beyond the gray

tiny birds perch, soon gone the light of day

whipping winds gather, snowdrifts to lay

forest footsteps distant

this world so scarce a sound

hills and sky listen

snow falling to the


Winged ones

With sudden fury, madness rang through the air

just then a flock of glorious birds

so free in bluest skies, flew by

and we away with them

Now gone from sight

our earthly bodies,

become winged spirits

angels taking flight

Veiled Moon

The snow it did not fall

only frost, thick as walls

creaking floors, a long hall

leading upward

where stars whispered

calling to the moon

from behind curtains,

branches and clouds

These sheltered words

If these words be thy home

salvation for my soul to dwell in

let them be of love

no beginning

no end

The hollows

Curved, shadows, bones the hollows

hips, skulls, rust red hills

hawk bleeds to kill

desert ghosts roam

echoes calling

no one


Self Portrait

Words, images, little things that would not let me be

pulled, tugging for awhile

I felt them, knew them too,

spoke of deeper knowing,

stringed music playing violins

words, colors flooded in

The paper, the paint

a page, no thought in mind,

crooked smile unrefined,

thick the brush strokes ever bold

eyes, pooled mirrors of soul –

I dared to look



Cool grass

wet rain soaked

fallen leaves bled

dead, decayed

ghostly offerings

wet bark, moss and bones

damp, gray and gone

birth of blue light sun lives one

burning into tomorrow

when yesterday becomes

the past, the dust

of us

Maple in winter


green blanket

stair step moss

climbing to stars

raindrops rolling

falling from

blackened branches

wintery maple

Hood Canal 2

I couldn’t see, but water

reflecting, it danced from stars of sun

Black cormorant dove under stars and pearls of sea

silvery fished his netted beak

A small boat left untied to float, I rowed

weaving cat tail reeds, long through water weeds

Paddles cut my diamond day – sparkling

jewel of soul swayed, prayed to dive me deeper

Sandy shores mollusk strewn

rippled shells covered shimmering blue

Oysters bubbled shallows breathing

seagull smiled watchful scheming

Beach fire to warm the night

and rock the dusky sun to sleep

the coming moon between trees

dark night, the stars to weep


Eyes burn

gritty paper, sand

tears pool

a room puddles

buckets, oceans pour over

dousing flickering flames


some letting go


others left


Deep forest

In this wild resplendent place

ferns unfurl softly green

below bearded mossy trees

rain falls, birds call echoing

sounds of a deep forest


A face like the landscape (haiku)

Words by Emily

an everlasting novel

penned amidst the moors

Catherine’s face was just like the landscape — shadows and sunshine flitting over it in rapid succession; but the shadows rested longer, and the sunshine was more transient.

Touch clouds

Love lost

such cost drowning in seas

Waves flooding, some wading

tides to recede

Wash over

troubles, waters run free

to float, touch clouds

we hope

Smooth sailing, dead calm

we’ll drift, waves lift

to carry us


Roses withered

Water trickling, grooved patterns of bark

darkening drinking up

Bright yellow creeping

maple leaves losing green

fallen or hanging on

A wind gust

little rush of swirls

tiny leaves come to rest –

wakes the nightjar

from her evening nest

Wet wings, flickers fly

stellar jay looks on,

Roses withered, ages gone

petals on the



This morning rain

autumn – cool rain falling into afternoon

hills, layers, fog nestled in

Clouds, mists become one

so far off, never a thought

the sun

Logs, wooded hills, we climbed

to view, our souls, some moments

in panorama we find

we touch our truths




music encircled your soul,

laughter rang, so beautiful

Brilliant bells, colors, mountain meadows

An open book, you fell

in love with everything

Green hills, trees you climbed

above the seas


vast beauty of you, with worlds long hidden inside

fenced in places, cracks to be filled

your shinning brilliance killed

becoming so invisible


a flower, translucent you bloom

centered, calm within the petal storm

rainwater washing

clean the core

a place, no locks

your heart

an open door

Gray woods

Gray woods, morning mist

hangs upon the trees, leaves decay, sway

falling to the ground

quiet this world, but for the sound of rain

washing wet the berry vines, droplets

falling to the ground

tiny sparrow flits among sheltered branches

a nest to repair, twine and twigs, little sticks

falling to the ground

Forest bed

Moss, softly green as grass

some bare feet to pass

red fox and deer to tread

mossy stepped, quietly the forest led

soon to rest golden heads

bright leaves

falling sleepily

to bed


There was an ancient gully

there were skeletons,

ocotillos strewn across the sand

holy places creatures crawled out from

cactus brittle, drying, lying dead

Mirages leapt – spectrally

ghost dancers, drunkards falling down again

bloodshot eyes searching,

shipwrecks, lost waters, the sea

cool river floating past the trees, you drift

crash and wake alone

cow skulls haunt you

death’s sun bleached


Yesterday the dog

Sad the hour of denial’s disbelief

a day that never comes when years young of frolicking

Playful sweetest boy, swaying tail pure of joy

fluff ball dog in white, too soon your tired night

Long did run, his field days sung

we say goodbye, so cold yesterday’s

setting sun

Tonight’s game

Moon winds pretend to know me

clouds steal the sky away

never knowing my name

removing the veil

what game

night stars


The repair

We have always had tools

how to repair

stitch the tattered, fray of us

such fools

A family, shattered

all the days our


Can we will

such storms of darkness

now to light our dawn

love’s sacred singing?

We can

lighten our souls

softly winging

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