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Of all the colors

Of all the colors

or incense of fragrance imbued

of lavender in fields, violet blue

or softer still the lilac florets all abloom

pale silk, sweet the honeysuckle dew

drips and drinks the yellow painted tanager

and flits afield the newly winged swallowtail

the thrum and dance of bees bright in floral symphonies

gathering, heavy laden in the bending breeze

of all the colors, this bird iridescently shimmering

blue into the disappearing trees

too soon another day to lose

of all the colors, a favorite

I can never choose.

Chocolate (haiku)

Sitting in this void

you seem to fill my love needs

empty calories


In China, towering spires of green

with pine trees, the fog that hovers

breaks lucid in shades of mauve

blue flame of night’s dawn

gives birth to stars, the skies

white snow of clouds,

the evening cranes

that fly above.


Tiger, your eyes of amber

lull me hypnotically under

slowly sink, you slink in tallest grass

night, a steamy jungle where you sleep

scratch and paw, you claw my neck

I run, always you bite and bite

growl, and prowl hunting me down, to defeat

tireless in your clever games of hide and seek.

The trailing stars

It is summer, and soon the Perseid showers

I have gone from my desert home

I wander far from crowded towns

my feet here in grassy, bee clover

on a summery hill, all daisy flowered

green, with wild blackberries

awaiting the August sun fire.

Here amid the slowing of mars retrograde

of my lover returning home too late

no long goodbye, only the weight

I watch oceans of seaweed sway

at night the phosphorescence

the lonesome, of sea stars trailing.


Today the rains came, without any warning

I watched droplets forming, pooling on the ground

the trees dissolving into palest fog

into the quiet of this forest, void of birds

traveling off to some secret world

perhaps to some cavernous mountain hollow

with glorious wings, I dream to follow

through the darkened woods, hidden by ferns

through harrowing clouds to be one with birds

with gorgeous feathers, downy warm

among the flickers, pheasant and crow

to be an evening silhouette in the alpenglow

a skylark winging in a painted sky.


Blue, sea green night

the moon’s gone missing

lorn shore, footprints and broken shells

my heart an empty ocean to fill

without you my love, further

than the planets and stars

how long this ache

of blood and cells?


Strange music playing

I never know from where it comes

always on a whim it wanders and goes

a flute, warm breathed upon my flesh

sometimes cool night jazz

a deep toned oboe, I breathe in wildly slow

drums synced in rhythmic beats

now a bass guitar strummed ever dark

a haunting violin that moans

ripping at the heart.

Museum art

It was more like alabaster, but I could only be sure

of one thing; it was an exquisite lesson in anatomy

cold ancient, pale Roman stone, the arm half gone

strongly curved, the rippling of muscle, hair and bones

a man held by pillar, marble like legs of smoothest stone

his eyes deep set that wended near, then waywardly away

the kind that strangely follow sometimes linger into the next day

broad faced, cheekbones perfectly amid the shadows

and I don’t mind saying while on my museum trip

though he was a statue, I thought to kiss

those divinely sculpted lips.

Looking at photographs

I have lost all sense of time, hours linger

days fade, I look at photographs

those of you and I, unframed

in gardens, or mountains

or pictures from the hotel

the warmth of you, my chilly toes

lonely – I remember your smile

the window, the trickle

of autumn rain.

Long distance

When I am a thousand miles away

and you are seemingly a million more

here where I trade the sun for rain

dwell in the intermittent patches of grey

I distract myself in gardens green

study madala art of spider weaves

decaying, diaphanous maple leaves

the cool of wet mud wriggling around my toes

and yesterday the black birds watching me

disturbingly, the cawing crows

and I could hardly think or speak

as I dialed you long distance on the phone.

Lessons of the Ocean

Pink iridescent moon

shadows cast upon the sands

of endless moving seas, of broken shells

feathers and bones of seabirds we’ve loved so well

together we are tied by swaying seaweed ropes

our souls ever ebbing us toward home

to see the possibilities, endless in our lives

to let ourselves be wild, allowed to float

feel the arriving tide, the unwavering ocean

always willing, always letting go.

Forest collection

Wild geraniums collected

in pocket, red painted petal stains

my feet squish, squash in this forest

the earthy mud a mossy sponge

with fern and lichen the trees are hung

upon the ground greening with maidenhair fern

my satchel filled with dainty floral sprigs

in spring the sparrows gathering vine and twig

June’s an efflorescent carpeting, soft with lady slippers

in summer the wildflowers and grasses wed

when celebrates all the flying things

wooded bees and butterflies in the sun

sparkling with faceted, glistening wings.

Disappearing birds

I have left the desert

to live in forests, under green trees

ruminate, drinking rose petal tea

my sipping cup, salal leaves

always I am watching the beauty

of birds, the wonder of skies

I dream into the disappearing

imagining beyond any ordinary heaven

with wings gathering gentlest winds

soft amid fog and cumulus clouds

coming, going, disappearing

how brief this precious flight.

Desert drive

A good sell and soon I knew all to well

the glinting lull, the trigger pull

of flash floods and hot spells

the changing moods of wind

the hot and cold I rue

driving this desert

with you

When you leave me

Alone in this silent desert, burned indelibly by sun

after the call, after the blue, red fall of flames

here, after the dancing scorch of fire

I am left to the smouldering doldrums of desire

this bed, now an empty space, a wordless, lifeless place

here, where I have slowed, my movement stagnates

the memories, the sheets – they suffocate

some days feeling so trapped by love

I can only think to run, think how to untangle again

still some days I dream a life with you

in colorfully painted, magnificent hues.

When I don’t see you

When I don’t see you, here or in the places we’ve been

in prairie meadows or in these trailing hills

I am lonesome, listening to how the ocean spills

blue waves play a sorrowful song

I get lost in thought, ruminate long on our walks

my feet here in these tiny flowers, the ones that we picked

I think of all the gardens, yesterday, today and tomorrow

my eyes fly far off with birds, disappearing

into some heavenly place, where you are.

Silver lake

In the spring of warm grassy lawns, silver threaded

song sparrows high amid the bright lily bowers

they fly gold drenched in the morning hours

in the deep peace of this sanctuary shelter

we are far from the city’s maddening swelter

here beneath shade trees and roses, we sip tea

soft we float like petals, a dream life in these hills

smell the ocean rain, blue the way the sky spills

we walk scented jasmine trails back home

come to rest in each others arms

before this resplendent day is gone

with nature becoming one

connected to all things

we are never alone.

Roman man

I think you are of clay

of red earth and water

smooth formed and forged

a vessel for holding fire

a warm copper bronze

sculpted, divinely poured

of ancient Roman origin

descended from Apollo

born of pure poetry and music

you walk the earth, a skilled hunter

with bow and arrow

Last night

Last night, so enlightening

the full flower moon, illuminating

somehow brightening our words

the sun had gone, taking only the birds

leaving the sky of red mars, the alluring stars

you and I, naked traipsing through the woods

the blazing moon of firelight through the trees

a splendorous love potion, we drank the night, celestially

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