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The Moth
























The Gold


do you


the race?

Or meet with

it’s bitter taste?



Painter’s home

Crush the painted pestle stained

of berries, purple, black

Liquid crimson geranium blood

red the paper sack

Gathering colors, lushly green

go shades of tan the water weeds

mixed upon a stone

Woodsy calls, her depths of fall

lone a painter’s


Mr. Black

He was covered in oil that day

crawling undercover he did not play

Tossed out, abandoned to the rains

to join the ranks of strays

Green eyed guy found hiding, crying

shivering alone

Now Mr. Black is fat

in his happy


Looking for nothing today


no place today

in mind

thoughts reaching –

no tomorrows

to find

little daydream

a tune to be sung

life spinning

under autumn’s sun

far off

meadow plains,

cool wanes quiet falling sun

golden, reds

still hanging on

A place, nowhere to be,

no one am I

content beneath blue fields

of sky

Inner child’s play

She was sure of the shore,

much before the crushing storms

buried her at four – shoveled and pale

Sunk her soul

the brutal gales wailed

Tides dragged her off without a name

she lived where seashells lay

No words to speak, the silence keeps

fear’s troubling beasts at bay

Cold watery world, no place for a girl

she sleeps now in a fern’s curl

songbirds sing of forest’s green

the frond gently unfurls

Give me a Sign

In relation

to stars, planets – the earth

please share here the date of your birth

You needn’t put the year,

unless of course you dare

Now if you don’t mind

please post your



Two Birds

Bird wings, sing

song’s sweet play,

gone – the rains washing

Hawk glides the sky stalking

talons piercing prey

dark the skies

they fall away

two birds

one dying

Tornado speak (10w)

hearts unhinge

shutter, shattered

words swiftly bitter

twisted, uprooting love

Tonight’s Tarot (haiku)

This evening’s street fair

Twelve card spread, I am dancing

Gaia leads the way

The tree she fell from



he spoke soft, willowy winds


when harsh, the storms blew in

The talking dead (haiku)

Last night in my dream

Questions – secrets revealed

I wake with answers

The only one

The only one

The only one

The only one

Storms of home

I watched

first the thunder

booming, black of storm

All the gathering – flocks, clouds

leaves piled, blew

Windy gray the day deepened

void of birds singing

Breaking branches – cracked the gloom of dawn

all the scurry, dark forest floor so weary

Soon the rain began – a flood

death’s pooled lake of drowning

Ashen skies of furry, tumultuous blowing

ripped awake the day

Washing wet the soiled

stains of blood

my soul

Soon the Solemn Sun


Driving south

only cactus go by

my skin hot, dry

peel of my lips

taste how sweat drips

melt behind this wheel

sink into surreal

this road to Mexico

slow the air of black crows

slow the circling of death’s bones

cool riverbed, just ahead

driven from my home

drift, I float this desert ocean

dance this floor



Seed soaking

dark soil of days

split apart, shed the self

you’ve planted

touch the earth, so clinging

brush the dirt

your freedom singing

Sacred 2

rustic rain

brown- yellow hills

crows circle a carrion kill

I’ve come for resurrection to bleed against the sky,

thirsts like deserts, cool water washing

bones to soak

skulls abandoned, sun bleached white

prayer offerings for an earthly altar

here, where death

is hallowed

Paper Birds

To fly as

paper birds

soft breeze to carry me

Wings rise, kiss the clouds

a kite, a dream

above the





>> .<<








Orchard 2

Drops – reddish rain on skins

slid dripping, pooled the leaves curled

Steps on stems break, gold the dawn awakes

windy wrecks of nests unhinge

needles, twine thru twigs

Ladders leaned

steps for splintered fingers

Blossomy buds plucked thru rungs

gone the breezy days we sung

Apple worms burrow

dig the beaking birds

Bees have flown homeward

In September’s slanted sun

we gather sweetest reds

Crisp the air drifts,

through branches overhead

No more wading (haiku)

River, branches grasped

Earth, my world spinning round

Released, I float on

No more dreaming (haiku)

Tears burn melt the flame

Ages fly – die the living

Final sleeps my dream

Maple tree

Maple tree

giant skyward leaning

Dropping leaves

do you dream, long of summer’s greening?

Your sunshine days,

the gray rains sway,

wintery cold

Once long ago

a tiny seedling


Long of Summer

So came the days,

long of summer’s winging

sweet the cherry chickadees sang

of June

Grasping leafy ribbons hung,

willowy warm the trees we swung

All the green – the frog soliloquy pond

Fritillaria, frilly forest fronds

grassy mountain meadow paths,

daisy clouds bloomed, swirling past

Wild geese flocked the lake,

dusk too soon alas

August night of seasons end

starry meteors flashed across

velvet black whistling to

a blue moon

Impermanence (haiku)

Storm clouds gathering

Rain pouring, splashing puddles

Now the sun again

I fell deep

the steel – cold blue well

of unwitting wishes

sun silhouetted, blinding me

picnic blanket lazy days

wet petals, soft your kisses

deep the lake, some dive drowning in

or breathe their way back

home again


the darkness



Distant blue field

further, still the dawn

warmth of day, falls away

disappears into a

fragrant piney forest

a path – twine and twigs, mossy laid

soft steps, of hoof prints made

in tunnels wooded, dimly lit

gray lichen amid the moss

raindrops magnified, gazing through

boletus spongy staining blue

fat berries, salal and thimble red

sparrow rakes his nesting bed

when all the light has gone away

night slips silent into another day.

Fool Moon

She loved the moon

long awaited its ripeness full

Stood gazing

out the window

Then came a fool

his senses dull

they took their toll

and blinded dark

her radiant world.

First snow

Autumn frost of mourning air that’s ever near

roaming roads weaving a way homeward

sudden clouds the cold gray surrounds me

hurried birds madly through trees

winter’s early calling

little footprints sparkle

white snow stars


Fall morning

Orange woke

the sleeping world,

clouds, cumulus, creamy

feathery skies, painted fly

far escapes the night

sings morning pink, red

heavenly glow

ablaze in dawn’s


Winged dawn

The dawn, still the quiet embers

linger, wander, falling under

spells to uncover

Hands grasped golden nights

music fiery, blazed the heavens

mingling with starlight

Morning birds on wing,

dawn of sacred blessings

calling lovers home


The heat and scorch

a black singed wound

the blues and bruise

only a gaping hole

salt stung to close

still a heart in order to mend

must not contract

nor defend.


Dark skies whisper starlit

trailing arrows, sparkling glittery fly

hands illuminated, fingers moon dappled entwine

kiss of love’s star

Venus will have

her way

Uganik Bay

In Uganik Bay that year the sun never set

I walked the long greening path to the dock

fireweed taller than I shooting summer’s sky

Warmth of sun bringing lazy lily’s leaning

Little waves splashed breaking cerulean blue

I waited the mail plane, pontooned it flew

Lulling oceans smooth you landed

with eyes that sailed me far-off island stranded

next to you

Float plane to carry us edging mountains, snowy, jagged

Dall sheep, perched asleep precariously rocky hung

Kodiak bears forded rivers we circled streaming on

Deep black kettle ponds no man to touch

snowy patches amid viridian lush

frozen, not to melt

our treasured days of flying

We met again at Hatcher’s pass

with hearts to break as fragile glass

a part of love undying

Two trees

Two maple trees

sun dappled window leaves

doves awake my dream

mourning breathes the air

breezy robes caress

green leaves


Summer’s drift

That time in summer’s red, the hilly sands I climbed

willow grass woven white with yarrow, fragrantly entwined

my eyes softened in sea drift’s tide, of puddled shallows

ocean sang in rising waves, wild sea kelp tangled

sun slept scarce hours, it’s shining seaward beams

that only leave as the final silhouette

vanishes into night’s dream

Stray cat

I always take you in

the way you lie

on your back, exposing underbelly

Twitchy, tricky tale of you

scratching up my legs

you quickly turn

next moment fully purred

You haunt me in the night

hungry on the prowl

whiskers brushing skin

fierce in your growl

You never had to try

so hard, every trick in the book

your forlorn eyes

clawing caught me hooked

Strange music

Strange music shook the mourning hour – waking

crash landing dreams, my sleepy ways forsaken

Til under other slumber I fell

to walk a lilting lake, green lily pads to float me

White petaled boats, lotus watery bloomed

other worlds sailed my dreaming room

strange music froggy

deeply toned


Long night

curtains dark the gloom

creak the steps to her sleeping room

solemn woman walks these woods

transforming limb and bone

in feathery flight she delights

to grace a moon swept pond

her whispers weave a song, to call her lover home

entwined they float the woodwind air

until the night is gone

Shapeshifter lights the darkness dawn

to shed the dreaming night

now slips away her lover

and fades the glorious swan

Salmon stream

The perfect slanting of sun

tundra cotton leaning northward

salmon spawning homeward

golden grass – waved in winds

The cast of red autumn’s spell

Road trip (haiku)

Long road, cool ocean’s sun

Bare feet, warmth, sinks the softness

Drives my soul back home

Portland, Toxic Fluoride (hazardous waste)

Chemicals — hexafluorosilicic acid and sodium fluorosilicate

Derived from the phosphate mining industry,

both considered highly toxic by the EPA

These hazardous wastes are dumped into drinking water

LIES … Fluoride – it’s so good for your teeth

lies the dentist, lies the doctor, lies the politician

Lies the dead fish

in the water


Mossy, forest floor

orchids sweetly sprinkled

tread ever softly

your feet of

lady slippers

Pain of Love (10w)




one’s heart,

left bleeding

for love’s sake

Moon’s breath

Stars sprinkled hover

in blackness of sky

Cold darkness

gives rise and fall

to moon’s breath

Lift the shade

Harsh the winds, canyons – deep your drowning

echoes mirrored a lifetime looked upon

sun slept, darkness crept calling

lift the shade, peace parade

roses laid a silken path or

reign the muddied road

all for you to choose

finding your way

toward home

Lake song

Lilting lake of music

echoes, birds, your watery world

I am fully undone in clear turquoise depths

glacial waters blind me to all else

I dream to walk across, song of you deep in heart

at the edge I stare gazing, a bird of dawn

alas, to dream, to be one with earth

Innana (haiku)

Celestial star

Astral goddess – love mingling

Venus lights your path

I’d love to “Roundup” the GMO monsters

GMO foods punch holes in cells

permeate the gut, creating gaps in guts

Leading to food floating in bloodstreams, rivers of pain

Food allergies, ulcers, IBS …. these are the milder troubles

I won’t speak of IBD, Cancer and Crohns disease

Babies born now allergic to foods, children allergic more than ever

They said, though the BT injected crops killed bugs, bursting their bellies

that they were still safe for humans….They were wrong!

Now these GMO crops are causing a myriad of gastro problems in people!

Food crops are now Roundup ready in the

Killing Fields.

Hood Canal

I couldn’t see, but water

reflecting, it danced from the sun

black cormorant dove under stars and pearls of sea

for silvery fish to fill his beak

a small boat I rowed

long through water weeds, cat tail reeds

paddles cut the diamond day sparkling

sandy shores mollusk strewn

rippled shells shimmering blue

oysters bubbled, shallows breathing

seagull smiled watchful scheming

a beach fire to warm the night

the dusky sun, no longer to keep

soon the moon between the trees

radiant, it wakes the stars from sleep

Fern 3 (10w)

Tiny beetle

awaits green unfurling

Clear water drops

to spill


love me

elemental as

wind, water, fire

wild in billowing fields

drenched watery wet in sweat

of all other things make me forget

igniting dreams of lightening steam

all the ordinary world evaporating


Dusky blue the twilight hushed, dimming daylight’s edge

cherry tree, green leaves grow – gathering black of night

so quiet, my sleepy garden bows

still warm the sun drunk petaled heads

August moon lingers

only a crescent slicing low

silver birds silhouetted

in shadows flying home

evening deepens, dark the day

silence, the world so far away

Company (10w)


come visiting

all hours


to fill empty rooms

Bird man (haiku)

He, a bird hunting

Prey reigns, winged catching a kill

Eyes to pierce the night

Your moon

You were the gentle voice,

the moon that crept as I slept

caressed in lulling waves

Tides pulled heavily under your moons and beams

ocean’s lost their way

Your hands shaped skies of day and night

planets all aligned

Your hair fell a streaming milky way

tangled celestial sighs

Moon cradled sleepily

long starried nights

When elephants paint

A masterpiece was painted

with a trunk-ed hand he held the brush

swooshed lines in black

graceful strokes, deliberately

he spoke

finishing with a flourish

What freedom this?

Under what true blue sky, are hell’s shelled missiles fired?

On the other side, no picnic apple pie, summer sunsets

In our firecracker skies we remember to forget

For them, they’ll be no strawberry rows ripening on the vine

or swimming pool party slip and slides

Children of war are born to die.

Vastness of forever

They came to visit me in a dream

mother and grandmother, sitting on the lawn

The earth spun quickly, they so delighted did not notice

Only spoke of gardens, tomatoes ripening on the vine,

laughing, rolling in grass, dresses green stained

My tears deep as wells, went empty in life’s longings

My arms became flowered stems

for them to gaze upon,

to love silently,


I saw dust sparkles fly all around us,

through trees, clouds, rooftops – all things

I saw them fly off too, sparkling

realizing so soon such dust

we all become


Just the sound of rain on the tree leaves

your voice there on the line

Just a love note I’m waiting to weave

a sacred path to unwind

Just my heart unraveling a daydream

a sorrow felt undefined

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