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I will wake

very soon or later

blue in the water or sky

sleep in downy feathers

plummet, I fall or fly

what is real, speak and feel

awaken from sleep

now the time


I die.


For this bird

these woven feathers into web

of silken sage your home.

Silent you sleep, soon slips

the shell and falls the day

the evening of your life

with monsoon winds

your wings of flurry flutter

tiny flash barley seen

heart of ruby

feathers of


Tonight’s storm

Tonight the wind

the pouring rain through trees

hiss and whistle of kettle

water poured for tea

the lashing winter willows

this coal, dark storm that blinds

and hides away your face

and any trace of moon.

Thinking of spring

a million birds singing

the wind warm as sun

all the branches glowing

we wait the buds to come

the bending leafy willows

brush the melting pond

of blue green water

beneath the cold dark earth

roots encased and safe

breathe green where

flowers form.

Early snow

The drape of blue, green vines

that hung and fell with beads of water perfume

of birds and flowers long since bloomed

Chilly winds lift feathery fronds

of red and rust on autumn ponds.

A shadow of summer 

where sandhill cranes have flown.

A fallow field hazy in its gold and brown

stiff blades and grain that brace the cold

Alas snowflakes

soft as feathers falling down.

School of thought

Who writes of me 

without pad nor pen

or scribes with sharpened knife

a belly of lies unfastened from sheath

deep that bores the core of heart?

Illusions swift they swim

in waves as shoals

cold and blue

spawned from

tiny minnows.

Cold moon of winter

Early in the dark hours 

where no birds have flown 

before the flicker and hum of stars 

silence where daylight sweeps away 

the cold occluded moon 

amid a barren velvet white

lights a silhouette of trees

iced and caked in winter.

Wild orchids

In the rain forest we heard the first birds

stood amid the cooling spectral fog 

walked upon the spongy ground

the layered earth of moss and mud

along the path and further on 

came streaming rays of sun

that silver lit the wild paphiopedilums 

and smiling back toward the sky

stood a shine of silken stars.

Green in these hills

I am green in these hills

I wait all spring long

wait through grey rains

too early for summer flowers

I dream of sun fields brightest yellow

my heart a wild field that burns

my lips, parched paper seeking water

desolate in this desert

your lips now merely 

a mirage.



it was felt

in heart

it came sharp 

a knife

a hammer

deep the ache

the numb

that tries to escape

the resurrection of the fire.

In the woods a weeping bird

All the blue of day slipped quietly away

the drowsy lake waved the sun to sleep

with glints of gold and blue in steely colors.

At the closing of day 

the blackened pines faded away

a lone call was faintly heard

a sadness, the weeping of a bird.

Dark sky

In this moment I am water, grey rain

I cry with trees and all the streams running.

Fog and clouds, the twist of branches overhead

my mind a loop concentrically swirling

a trick – the swoop and slip

the black and falling birds

the scream of skies unraveling.

Too far my lover

Tree, I have come to shelter and with the rain to weep

I am soaked, barefoot with mud running through

soft the moss, cool and cold

to soothe my heart that bleeds.

Our waxing nights of love and moons

now fallow a field that burns

damned our hollow bed

of haunting, silent screams

too soon the fiery devil

too far my lover

the spring.

Half moon day

Some days, this desert

under spells of sun and moon

think, I brood in fields of agave blue

the angled sun blares sharp to parch

to dry, to crackle leaves to dust

tricky this prickly pear cactus

bitter thorns laden with

impossible blood sweet fruit

while high and seen out the corner

of my eye, the half moon smiles

beguiled by the sun.


Fiddlehead fern rooted in earth

warmth of sunshine gives birth to your unfurling

green forest smiles as you reach toward stars

you are smiling like moonlight

shining back through trees.

Desert day

On days like this

cool, with little winds

desert birds forage for sticks

they build nests perched in cactus

some build green in palo verde trees

always I think of baby birds in spring

hatchlings, the fledglings that fly

I travel far beyond the noise of towns

watch the movement of cooling clouds

the roundness of rain upon the ground

the grey banked scurrilous skies

of hurried birds, their silhouettes before a storm

daisies that close, cold amid the stones

beneath where snakes and lizards go

slither and crawl in this landscape of saguaros

and I, ever tethered can only dream to fly.

The forest green and blues

All day long with clouds and birds

greens and blues moving through the water

I wish my fingers were water color crayons

to paint these scenes on leaves of paper

to capture water drops on stones, lighter, darker

the sky, the soft rain I taste

all the ways I lived this day.

In the morning to wake up

deep and breathing in

an ancient forest.

Blue of nights

Because our days are straying

and though the nights are spellbound

we are only ever falling away

only ever coming and going.

Near the blue banked shores

we are anchored, bobbing and breathing

the clouds are merely sailing ships

waves of swirling skies.

Upon the tide the moon rips and pulls

stars come to swoon and soothe

floating in the night lands

plush and indigo blue.

This sleep

In an earth bound dream

found bare and green

blue between moss and splendor

cool and cold, our hands and toes

wild eyed through the mud we climb

these darkened steps

beyond the stars

returning home

to rest our souls

brief a dream before 

the long sleep of

our rebirth.

Tlingit Man

In Klawock stands seven totems

and a madman, chanting under ebon skies,

embedded in cedar wood, he is connecting two worlds

a master carver, in a language without words.

Born of the raven clan, 

he is tracing ancestry in the wood

seeks the ways of wolf and bear.

Born of water, amid the realms of earth and air

his spirit runs with salmon.

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